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Ooh Yes! Is here to help you take your first steps towards sensual pleasure. Our range of toys for adults is perfect to explore, with or without some company. We’re an inclusive sexual-wellness-oriented Indian brand that aims to make adult pleasure simpler to access. Ooh Yes! Is for anyone exploring sexual intimacy. We’re helping you take those barriers down, one playful moment at a time.

Why OOH Yes?

Ooh Yes! is a dream that originated during the peak of the pandemic, when physical touch was fast becoming a dream as our work and home lives merged. We wanted to connect back to the root of the human experience – enjoying your sensual, physical self in the best, most affordable ways. That dream of easily accessible intimacy in India is what led to the creation of Ooh Yes!
Self-care is about to gain a whole new definition in India, and we’ll have you saying “Ooh Yes!” in no time. So, don’t be shy. You can head over to our Shop here.

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