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Sex toys are designed to give you more of a boost than you think. All you need to do is use them the right way and then let the toys do their thing. Commonly known as massagers, these vibrators are amazing for both- solo and partnered pleasure. Here are a few tips to use them for maximum fun, so you can “vibe” better tonight:

How to use the Destiny Remote Controlled Body Massager?

Egg body massagers are fun and less intimidating compared to bulkier vibrators in the market. Oh, and we assure you, this egg in the morning or night, beats the breakfast eggs by a country mile.

To have a little date with our Destiny Remote Controlled Body Massager:

  1. Enjoy some foreplay to get excited.
  2. Use lube on the body of the Destiny Egg.
  3. Relax your body and insert it, while leaving the tail hanging out.
  4. Use the remote and have fun!
  5. Its fairly long range of 12 metres can let your partner control the remote and put you at their mercy. Highly recommended for some eggcellent time.

How do I use the Short Attack Mini Body Massager?

The Short Attack is a fun little bullet vibrator to use. Discreet & effective, this one’s a prime example of size doesn’t matter.  Meant to stimulate from erogenous zones externally during partnered play or masturbation, these are great for clitoral, nipple, or perineum stimulation.

 Keep the following in mind, and experience pleasure like never before:

  1. Turn it on and figure out the mode that works for you. 
  2. Find the body part and type of stimulation you want to explore.
  3. Start with the tip of the massager, which would have the greatest intensity, and then bring more & more of the toy’s surface in contact with your body parts, to find your optimum pleasure.

Perhaps exploring toys with your partner, or by yourself, apart from their conventional use can be stimulating. Exploration of your body with toys can take the ‘load’ off of you or your partner, contribute to steamier sex, help explore newer positions, and give you multiple orgasms. You just have to find the right toy for yourself. 

How do I use the Take Me Home Body Massager?

Take Me Home Body Massager is the perfect candidate for your bedroom, and beyond. Here is how you can use it:

  1. If you’re new to using body massagers, start by placing it on your vulva to get used to the feeling. Start with the lowest setting and don’t be afraid to use some lube, if needed.
  2. Take slow deep breaths and relax into the sensations. Adjust the mode that works the best for you. This massager is perfect for clitoris and vaginal stimulation and play. 
  3. You can also try taking more control by placing a pillow on the floor, setting the body massager and straddling it. This is a more directly stimulating sensation for those who prefer intense stimulation.
  4. You can also use Take Me Home to stimulate other parts of your body as well.

How do I use the Play On Body Massager?

The Play On Body Massager falls under the category of rabbit vibrators.

Rabbit massagers are very popular in the field of adult toys, for good reason. With two arms, they provide both external and internal stimuli. This means you can use it on your clitoris and G-spot at the same time!

With dual stimulation, the rabbit vibrator is ideal for blended org*sms. A blended org*sm is a 

a climax that results from multiple types of stimuli!

Here is how you can get into your playtime: 

      1.Hold the base of the vibrator with both hands. and move it lightly.

  1. Hold the toy at different angles and experiment with different fun settings.
  1. Breathe to the beat of the vibration and don’t be afraid to make noise.Bend your hips, move your pelvis little by little, squeeze your gluteal muscles, kneel, and on all fours. 

Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun with everything that you use. You own your pleasure. Reclaim it, won’t you?

*The contents of the blogs and/or articles posted on the herein are opinions/ advises/ suggestions of a third party and in no manner be considered opinions/ advises/ suggestions of OohYes!. Please note that blog posts are provided for information purposes only.*

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