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Text Dirty to Me

Text Dirty to Me

Arousal works in simple yet strange ways. What you say holds the magical ability to transport your mind straight to the bedroom, only if you know how to say it right. Erotic talk is an art detailed and intricate. If you want to play with words and dabble in the world of dirty talk to up your bedroom game, pay attention as we help you navigate this.

Getting in the comfort zone before you move on to calls and in person bedroom talk is paramount. Once you get the hang of saying the right things at the right moment, it’s time to level up.

But how to do that?
Well, easy-peasy! Talking explicitly over text messages is the way.

Sexting, when done right, makes things easy & hard at the same time. Not to forget about the hot and wet part, obviously.
Before you explore your erotic-voice, use your hands (for typing, of course).

Sext Subtly
Just find a chance to find a TWSS/TWHS moment in the conversation, and then steer the conversation on the naughty track. But make sure they consent to it before you go down the dirty road and make things R-rated.

Sext Slowly
While dirty talk is a huge turn-on for a lot of people, nobody wants an over enthusiastic sexting-partner. So, Hakuna your Tatas. Keep it in your pants, till it is required to come out. If you’re jumping straight to “Imagine me shoving my something inside your something”, your sexting won’t even last as long as you can. Build up to things gradually. Start with a bit of romance, add some naughtiness, spice it up with foreplay. Just go with the flow.

Sext Creatively
Once the scene is set, it’s time to get creative. Use your imagination. If not, read some lit-erotica and get some inspiration. This is your chance of bringing every fantasy to life. Describe the scene that’s in your head. Be detailed enough to paint that picture for them. Tell them every-single-thing that you’d do to them if they were there with you at that moment. Create scenarios. Locations, positions, movements, et-al. Tease them. Make them yearn for you.

Sext Shamelessly
Some people have a kink for filthy talk, if you’re sure your partner is one of them, get really dirty. A few slangs here, a couple of expletives there. Don’t shy away from using phrases that you both enjoy/might enjoy in bed. After all, talking about playing with their hair is not everyone’s cup of tea. Sometimes you both just need to resort to “I will do things to you that'll make you beg for mercy”. Or about that thought you had where you pin them against the wall, or the one where you eat them at the dinner table.
A few thirst traps are a real cherry on the cake.
But hey, we’re not suggesting you share nudes, ok? That’s against the law, you know!

Just like any other part of a relationship, communication is the key here too. Keep experimenting till you discover what you both enjoy, and then let your fingers do the talking. Quite literally.

So, you up?

*The contents of the blogs and/or articles posted on the herein are opinions/ advises/ suggestions of a third party and in no manner be considered opinions/ advises/ suggestions of OohYes!. Please note that blog posts are provided for information purposes only.*

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