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Life doesn’t come with background music

Life doesn’t come with background music

Life doesn’t come with background music of its own, but never underestimate the power of a good playlist to define those magical moments. So when you press play, all your senses go to a party with music. A great soundtrack has the magical power to transport you into a different world. More so if that world belongs to a hot, sweaty ……..(evening?)

The right music has the ability to upgrade good sex to mind-blowing and breathtaking. It not only fills up the awkward silences, the weird noise but also stops others from hearing everything. Your roommates don’t need a play by play recount of that rendezvous. Which is why having a sex playlist is an absolute game-changer.

 But finding the right jam to make love to or break bed to can be really confusing. People often struggle at finding the right song, but hey, there’s no set rules here. There’s a song for every mood. Music accompanies all the feelings and tempos that are associated with sex, be it sensuality, passion, romance, naughtiness, kink or wild. No matter what kind of sex you’re indulging in, there’s a background score for it, all you need to do is find it.

The key to creating a good playlist lies in making playlists according to all these moods. Which also means you need to steer-clear-of songs that you connect with on a personal level, or something that evokes memories. Basically, just find music that’s non-distracting.

You don’t want to stop & sing along to your favourite lyrics while your partner’s about to finish, do you? Or even worse, imagine hearing your ex’s favourite track while getting a head & tearing up. That’s just messed up. Respect that erection, please!

Crafting the right playlist takes a little bit of self awareness, slight knowledge of what your partner enjoys and some free time at hand. Capture the right mood through the playlist, choose the shuffle mode and you’re unstoppable. Be it eased out passionate sex, kinky wake-up sex, hot steamy sex on a vactaion, or that unexpected booty call, a good playlist can level-up your sex game.


Music can make you crave and transcend you to euphoria. Both these feelings are the essential elements of sex.

Oh, and once you create your bedroom playlist, don’t forget to recommend some songs here in the comments. We need to update our playlists every now and then too ;)

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