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About Us

The Ooh Yes! Team You already know us! We’re your average adult dreaming of new ways to enjoy our bodies. We’re that college student in a hostel, redefining what self-love means to them. We’re the newly-weds grinning at each other on their nuptial night. We’re the working professional looking for a release after a long day. We’re the older couple rediscovering that spark with the help of a few toys for adults. We are your average adult, filled with yearning and curiosity about this beautiful body we own. Sex, age, gender, and class no bar, everyone deserves to sigh “Ooh Yes!”We’re everyday people just like you. And with Ooh Yes!, we aim to destigmatise and redefine sexual wellness for adults all across the country.Our products are for anyone with an open mind. We’ve made simple, affordable sexual wellness products that can fit into your self-care routine with ease. And they’ve been tried, tested, and loved by our customers! So, won’t you say Ooh Yes! to us?Head over to our shop to get started!

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